Know how mah jong works

With its popularity, the Chinese game Mahjong has spawned many variations. This article will focus on the basic guidelines that hold true to most..

The game requires four players and the basic set of 136 tiles and a pair of dice. A rack for each player is optional, although it is more convenient to have it. The objective is to have 14 tiles formed into a pair and four three-tile sets. The set can be a "chow", or three consecutive same-suit blocks, or a "pung", or three same tiles. Note that any block can be used in only one set..

Mahjong starts out by determining a dealer, either by rolling the dice or by using the directional tiles, with East as starting dealer. Each player then arranges the blocks face down to build a wall 17 tiles long and two high in front of himself, thus ending with a square wall in the middle of the table. The designated dealer starts the deal by throwing the dice, counting off the number of blocks shown on the dice from the right of his wall, and dealing the tiles from that point. The dealer receives a total of 14 while all the others receive 13. He starts by discarding one, and the turns begin starting to his left..

The discarded tile may be claimed by any player to complete a Mahjong, which obviously ends the game. Else, it may also be used to complete a "pung" when he already has two of the same. He shouts out "pung" to signal this intent, claims the discarded block and places it face up along with his two identical ones, and then discards another. A "kong" may also be played when someone has three, instead of just two, of the same tiles. The guidelines of "pung" apply, although the player must first draw a block before discarding..

If none of the other players claims the discard in the above circumstances but it forms a "chow" for you, you may claim it, place the completed set face up and then throw another tile in. It must be noted that only the most recently discarded block may be claimed for any play..

If the discard is not claimed, the player whose turn it is draws a block from the wall and discards a tile unless his draw completes his set..

If there is no Mahjong by the time all the blocks run out, the game is a draw..

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