Pachinko Online Machines Korea Closes In

Pachinko online Machines Korea says is their game of choice. So much so that many of the Packinko parlors in Japan, depend heavily on attracting S. Korean tourists where it is banned. They fly in to the country in droves all with the expressed purpose of playing this game with its hypnotic flashing lights and accompanying brain entrainment musical barrage as its metal balls clatter around the machine. To say the game is mesmerising may be an understatement when you consider some of the horror stories making the rounds.

The Japanese Pachinko industry is responsible for employing vast numbers of people and are trying to address the domestic downfall in the popularity of the game by attracting players from overseas. One of the reasons for this is that 80% of people surveyed at self-help groups for gambling addictions have cited slot machines and the Pachinko game as the source of their misery. In a study done on 7100 gamblers in 2010, 9.6 % of the Japanese men were diagnosed as pathological gamblers with 1.6% of women also classified in the same category.

In 2007 regulations were introduced by the Japanese Government specifically related to Pachinko. These regulations were for whatever reason designed to encourage the public to spend more on Pachenko. However since then in 2011 & 2012, these Japanese ads promoting the game were banned and as a result parlor takings crashed, with the number of active parlors dropping to 12,000 a fall of 30%. It could be argued that the later enforced legislation was unnecessary and that there was nothing wrong with the government's original course of action, as taking the U.K. Government as an example they preside over frequent advertisements of the U.K. National Lottery. Indeed the lottery itself, is actually broadcasted live every Saturday evening during prime time on none other than the B.B.C.

How is Pachinko online machines Korea style handled compared to the parlors of Japan? Well, obviously the game has massive appeal and it can now be reached by the global masses. Enjoy if you want, why the heck not, just don't enjoy at your peril, as always.

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