Understanding sic bo and the different bets you can make

Sic Bo is a game of chance played with a board and three dice. Bets are made on the results of the three dice. There are six possible wagers, each with its own pay out.

The Single is a wager that a specific number will come up in any of the three dice. This is evidently a bet on any number from one to six. Pay outs vary, depending on how many of the dice show your chosen number. Even money is paid if the number appears on one die. Should it come up twice, the pay out is two to one, while three appearances will pay three to one. Note that having the number show up three times on a Single bet is very different from hitting a Triple, as explained further on.

Next is the Double which, following the logic of the previous play, is a stake that a certain number will show up on two of the three dice. Again, the wager must be placed on any number from one to six, and the pay out this time is considerably higher at ten to one. The Double loses if the dice show a Triple.

The third Sic Bo option is the Small and Big. In this, a player decides if the three-dice total will be Small (meaning from four to ten inclusive) or Big (11 to 17). This pays even money, and also loses if a Triple comes up.

Next we have the Combination which is a bet that two chosen numbers will come up in the dice. Like the Double, this pays the same return of six, or five to one, regardless of the combination you choose.

Fifth choice is the Total which, intuitively, is staking on the sum of the three dice. Though each throw has a maximum sum of 18, a bet may only be made on four to 17 as three and 18 are covered by the Triple. The pay out of each varies, depending on its probability.

Finally, we come to the Triple which allows you the largest pay out in Sic Bo. It also uses the same logic as the Single and Double, in that it is a bet that all three dice will show the same number. You can pick a specific number or take a chance on any number. Winning on any number pays out 30, but successfully choosing the correct Triple number will give you a whopping 180 pay out.

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