Explore why eight is lucky in China

Just as each individual person is unique, each culture also has its own specific traits, quirks, superstitions and beliefs. We now look at one such notion, of how the lucky number eight in china is so well-regarded, and how people assigned that as their birth number are expected to behave and fare.

The number eight is read as Ba in Chinese, and sounds very close to the character that means fortune or wealth (or, Fa). Because of this similarity, the Chinese believe that the number eight is very auspicious and is therefore in demand. Just to give an example of how greatly the number is valued, the Olympic Games hosted by Beijing was opened at approximately eight minutes and eight seconds after eight in the evening of August 8, 2008, i.e., 8:08:08 pm on the eighth day of the eighth month of the year, or at 8:08:08 pm on 08/08/08. Whenever the people are given a choice as to house number, land line number, car plate number, mobile number, or the date for an important event, you can bet that the lucky number eight would be the first choice in China. To give a compliment to a person who you believe is very talented and knowledgeable, then there is no better way to do it than to describe him as one with talent of eight buckets.

Given the high regard afforded to it, it is not surprising that people given the lucky number eight are highly regarded and expected to have good fortune. They are believed to have the innate ability to do well in business due to impressive insight which, when paired with the other traits of drive and ambition and the ability to be a good leader, normally result in success, especially financially. Because of this, they usually experience a higher standard of living.

In terms of relationships, they enjoy a good reputation for being generous and equable. They prefer not to get into arguments and would rather keep quiet than cause hurt or discomfort to others. They are very loyal to their partner and are always supportive, especially in activities that would make their partner more successful. They usually look for a combination of romance, friendship and business engagement in a life partner.

Though generally successful and sought after, number eight people also have their failings. For one, their desire to keep the peace leads them to hide their true emotions and prevents them from speaking frankly and therefore communicating openly. Their drive may also make them seem selfish and arrogant, and their generosity may include being wasteful.

All in all though, the lucky number eight in China is still very much desired, much like the number seven in several Western countries.

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